Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Cookie Cutters

I have over the course of quite a few years managed to accumulate a whole host of decorating items for cakes and cookies alike with different icing sets and equipment, different baking trays, cookie cutters, cookie sheets all of which needs to be kept together really but in effect is dotted around the house. So whenever I want to use them I have to do a bit of digging around.  Most of them are in a crate which is down at the unit at the moment but I do have quite a few downstairs (I think).  I really am going to have to do a locate and search prior to Christmas as some of the bits I want to use.

Today however these two managed to fall into my basket (oh dear how did that happen)!

I was not really looking for making cookies but I thought that these cutters would be very useful for making some clay decorations which in turn can be painted and then glossed up.  But then I thought that they would indeed look fantastic made into cookies. So ideas again, as usual.  Plenty of them, and plenty of playing to be had. and of course you can draw round them  for the shapes and then cut them out in card and paper make your own present labels and attach with some ribbon or thread and decorate up, or use salt dough and make your own Christmas decorations or....  Cookie cutters in this household are not just used for cookies.

I am in due course going to make up several batches of cookie mix and store it in the freezer so that I have something to make up quick and use for unexpected guests and then cook them straight away.

I also bought two fluted squared quiche tins which will also come in handy for either savoury or sweet.  I have two long narrow ones and an A4 sized fluted pan but these are in-between.

And a metal sifter/sieve which fits on top of your bowl.  I came across this by chance. I have been searching for one for years.  When I was at school we had wooden ones with a fine mesh that we used to use, so am very chuffed with this one thank you very much.

So a nice little haul.  I shall check in again regularly with TK Maxx up until Christmas for things for the house but also for Christmas pressies.  You never quite know what you are going to find in there so well worth a recce.  I have in the past found quite a lot of distinctive glassware in there a lot of glass cloches of different sizes for popping over cakes etc.  However they also have interesting pieces of Christmas tableware either plain or decorated at much better prices.  I always keep my eyes peeled for interesting bits and bobs to add to the collection.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

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  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
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